Accounting - We are a pro-active accounting firm that utilizes our experience to make our clients more efficient and profitable as a business/organization. Our CPA’s knowledge of the tax code is put to work on your behalf to obtain optimum results. Our firm prides itself on partnering with businesses and organizations to relieve their accounting burden so they can focus on what makes them successful. If you are a business/organization looking to get relief from your accounting burden or want to change/enhance existing practices, LMS is experienced and committed to producing the results you deserve. It is the LMS cornerstones of Experience, Commitment and Results that provide our clients peace-of-mind that their accounting needs are being responsibly managed utilizing best practices.


Tax - Tax codes are different for the individual/family than an organization/corporation, in either case it can be daunting. LMS’s thorough knowledge of the​​ differences is what sets us apart as a firm. With limited time in the day, you do not always have the time nor the energy to understand the tax code and fully capitalize on the nuances. LMS takes the burden off you by ensuring advantageous utilization of the current tax code while providing peace-of-mind that you have maximized your position with every available benefit to you, your family and/or corporation/organization.


Tax Planning - LMS also offers Tax Planning Services. Too many fail to protect themselves from unknown long-term tax implications stemming from inheritance, other forms of tax, and a forever changing tax code. Protect yourself, your family, and/or business/organization with LMS’s knowledgeable Tax Planning Services and have peace-of-mind an unexpected tax burden is not in your future.


Payroll - Timely payroll is essential and staff do not understand why their paycheck is not on time; all they care about is not having it. Take the payroll burden off your plate and let the timely LMS Payroll Services make it happen like clockwork for your corporation/organization. For the seasoned business you may want to free-up an existing staff person’s time for things that have greater impact on your bottom line. Maybe you are a startup company and need the LMS expertise in regard to state & federal deductions, health insurance, quarterlies, IRA contributions and so much more. Regardless of your circumstance, LMS is ready to manage your Payroll so you can put the focus on other more important growth opportunities.


Quickbooks - Using Quickbooks but it’s not as effective as you know it can be? Or maybe you’re not getting the timely reports you need to conduct business more effectively. Whatever your need, LMS consultants have the Quickbooks knowhow to customize processes and produce the results geared to your corporations/organizations needs. Maximize Quickbooks today by using LMS’s consulting services to take full advantage of Quickbooks for your business.


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